Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The thing about Latin women

More accurately the thing about all woman who don´t speak english.

I have a dilema, I am irrefutably attracted to sexually attractive woman, but I despise idiots. This creates a problem, many woman who are attractive (and especially ones who have been attractive their whole lives) are idiots. That means that it will only take a very short period of time after meeting them that for me to become fed up and uninterested.

Enter Latin Women.

I certainly do not doubt that there are just as many idiotic women who don´t speak Eglish as ones who do (probably more if you think about how large China is). But I do not speak their native language, this makes them seem infinitley more interesting. Bolivian Barbi may be equally as materialistic and vapid as Heidi from The Hills, however she [Bolivia] remains infinitely more interesting for one primary reason: I have to try really really hard just to ask how her day was and understand the response. This difficulty makes me far more engaged and similarly far less likely to become bored.

Unfortunately, for latin woman I probably seem like a bummbling illeterate 4th grader who keeps nodding and saying, "claro" or "que bueno." This probably just makes me seem like an idiot, or maybe childishly endearing. I will naively choose the second option.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Top 5 things that make living in an apartment in Santiago different than living in Seattle

1. My yogurt and milk come in plastic bags
2. I light the pilot on the water heater everytime I take a shower
3. I make toast on the stove with this little grill thing
4. I have no NFL Sunday ticket (good and bad)
5. Everyone speaks spanish, duh