Saturday, November 28, 2009

My gripe with Denver's art scene

Here it goes.

In advance I would like to say that I have recently moved back to Denver, so if I am wrong (which would make me really happy) please feel free to let me know!

WTF Denver. Why the hell do all your art districts have the same opening night!!!!! Are we all too stupid to realize that the average art patron is going to have difficulty visting Santa Fe arts district, River North (RiNo, Stupid name), Navajo and Tennyson in one night.

I understand we are artists and logistics might not be our thing, but seriously, this seems like a monumental oversight. Wouldn't Denver's art community be enriched by having 2 perhaps 3 different days of the month organized to go see art. We could dedicate more time to each gallery, see more art, engage ourselves more closely with galleries and art districts. This seems like planning 101 people.

Here, it's as easy as this. One neighborhood gets first Friday, another maybe first Thursday, or here's and idea, maybe even another neighborhood gets second Friday or fourth Friday. Now I know this all seems crazy, and we would all be really really foolish for thinking that an alternative to a once-per-month art bash is too much planning, but I think this city would benefit greatly!

On another note, I have a show opening this first Friday in the Santa Fe arts district. It is at The Peanut Gallery on 719 W 8th Avenue (One block east of Santa Fe and 8th). The opening Starts at 6pm, There is an open bar with $10 dollar donation and, here's the kicker, December is the last month the gallery is open. I will have work showing through December there and then NO MORE PEANUT GALLERY.

Come see my work and support this gallery's "Fond Farewell" as they seem to have supported local art here in Denver.Even this painting will be there. Come see it and others!