Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T-minus 48 hours

I'm not very good at packing, I often pack too heavily and almost always forget something important despite overpacking.

Hopefully this will help:

day bag
3 pairs shorts
1 pair pants
3 v neck t shirts
2 tanktops
1 athletic shirt
1 collared shirt
1 hoodie
1 water resistant jacket
1 beenie
5 pairs socks
3 pair underwear (might be buying some more, then again maybe ill just abandon wearing any underwear)
Running shoes
flip flops
Enough deet to stip my skin off
sun screen
medkit including: cyprol, painkillers(perscription and over the counter), other various creams and ointments, lots of bandages, MOLESKIN, a pair of little scissors, some over-the-counter stomach chewys and other random things that seemed like a good idea.
1 travel book
1 other book
sketch book
watercolor set
bag of pens and pencils
and other stuff

I am not taking a computer or an Ipod with me. The computer was pretty obvious, I just don't want to worry about it, The Ipod was a bit more of a decision. I think it'll be benificial to not have any destractions. Similarly i'll be unable to retreat to my safe little music bubble which might force me to do more things such as: draw, drink, people watch, read(which i do way to little of), meet new friends and go on small or sometimes not so small adventures.
My next post is going to be after I go to the jungle in Costa Rica, hopefully I'll have some rad pictures.

On a different note, here is the first page of my new sketchbook. Since the name of my blog is "sketchdout" I figured it would be pretty weak not to have a sketch in my first post. I wanted to finish my old sketch book and get a new one before my trip, and here it is, pertty, red and shiny, well, not shiny.


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  2. You need to rid yourself of these possessions of yours, they are only keeping you back. Obama says that we should all give and be willing to do without for our fellow man, and I don't think you are setting a very good example. What is wrong with us?

  3. You suck. Go to patagonia you hoser. You do. Next summer(northern) I'll be there. Don't get arrested before.

  4. I've been mulling over the no Ipod decision... I think I agree, but I'd have to ask someone years in advance to hide it from me if I ever planned on going on a similar trip.