Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is a sketch i did recently. it is the only one I have right now because I left my thumb drive at the hostel I was staying at last night. Hopefully they still have it and I can go pick it up manaƱa.  
But this sketch and the others, that will hopefully be posted soon, are all part of a series Ive been toying with dealing with advertisements in magazines. 

More to come hopefully.

Other than the above mentioned sketch, A LOT has happened since I last posted. I am two countries farther south. I spent a week in Lima, Peru. I took a 55 hour bus ride south from there. 
I did not go to Machu Picchu, I am lazy, I know, hate me if you must. BUT, I was on Peruvian television. A Peruvian dating show in fact. Now all keep in mind that my spanish is still very, VERY, basic. I was fed lines, food, and to a certain extent women. But below is the link.

Now however, I am in Santiago, I am actually posting this from my new apartment. I have a roomate who speaks no english, her name is Barbara, she is awesome and a really good artist.

In case some of you didnt know, I have an apprenticeship here in Santiago. I am working for a company called Walka Jewlery. They are pretty awesome and I am more than excited. It is a work exchange, so I will be redesigning this Web site (which right now is really just a blog they made) and in exhcange they are teaching me how to make jewlery. 

Peace out

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  1. ay chico guapo! Peruvian version of Next? amazing. your spanish sounded great even if you got fed lines. hope you are keeping well and making lots of art. hasta luego amigo x