Friday, September 4, 2009

One good sketch, some bad ones and a couple rando´s

Despite my best efforts I have made to Ecuador safely and with ease. My flight was this morning on the 3rd (a day earlier than I originally though). I spent last night in a really really sketchy hotel near the bus station, so that I wouldn´t have to walk far in the morning. To try and define the mood of this place in one statement I have chosen to write a brief non-rhyming poem.

Rubber bed, you are squeaky
but at least I have my toilet paper
that the desk attendant gave to me
this room smells like pee
like that time I was in jail

after my mosquito, and im sure bed-bug infested, evening I walked downstairs to the bus station at 5:45AM only to find out that I was not at the terminal where the bus to the airport leaves, making my sleeping there completely useless. I walk to the other bus station and got to the airport easily enough.

At check in i give the lady my passport and res. number, she does the necessary things and then walks away only to come back and try and tell me that my passport is invalid because it is is too ¨mutilated or altered.¨ She insinuates that I will not be able to leave the country and in response I yell a string of broken spanish at her and ask for her manager. I am then taken to Migracion where the immigration officer says, ¨It´s fine for leaving the country.¨ Needless to say it was fine for entering Ecuador as well. Upon landing in Ecuador I have no reservation at my hostel, but luckly, the name and address scibbled down on a piece of paper. I asked the woman at the information desk which public bus goes to the name of the hostel I looked up on the internet, or rather the Neighborhood in which it resides. Her response to me taking the public bus is one of bewilderment, but despite her better judgement I took the bus to roughly where i thought my hostel might be and started walking. But easily enough found, I am at my hostel: safe, refreshed from a beer, shower and nap, and ready for leg two of my pan american adventure.

In a capstone here are some photos of pictures and photos of things from Costa Rica, they are not necessarily in order because I have not yet mastered this blog-post-thing.

A detail of the bed we had at the hotel/bungalo where we stayed in Puerto Viejo on the Carribean side of Costa Rica.

A view of one of our travel mates at the ¨river camp¨ our first week in C.R.

here is a rather terrible drawing I did by the beach one night. The representation is horrible, but i think it´s kinda funny.

This dog was very sleepy and kinda lived at the hostel in Monteverde. This picture reminds me of a drunk friend passed out in the morning.

Obligitory guitar-river shot from Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

This was the view from our hostel in La fortuna, That is the Arenal Volcano. La Fortuna sucked, don´t go there unless you want to spend a lot of money on very very touristy things. But the volcano is supposed to be cool looking at night, but it cost like $20 dollars to get to a view point where that mattered.

This is the first drawing I´ve done this trip that I really like. I bought a Costa Rican skate mag the other day so I could do portraits because I was sick of draing bed hammoks and hostels.

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