Monday, September 21, 2009

No no Gitana!

Ohh Ecuador

I write this blog post as I wait to leave for the bus terminal which will be my jump off point for exit from Ecuador. The last post I had was the day I got here, so there is obviously a lot to talk about. But, because I am lazy I will not even try to touch on all of it. Here are a few keypoints.

This is a picture of the Malecon2000 in Guayaquil. Pretty clean, and as you can see from the parts of the sky that are green, my camera is doing strange things.

In Guayaquil we went to the largest street/flea market I have ever seen. It never ended, ever, seriously. These birds were one of the millions of items being sold there. Right below them were pigeons for sale, i don´t think the pigeons were being sold as pets though.

Our route:
Arriving in Guayaquilwe left to Cuenca where my friend Claire lives. Cuencas nice, clean, it has a lot of Spanish architecture and really feels more like being in Europe than anywhere else I´ve been in South America.We then went to Quito, the capital, and stayed for 4 days.

View from The top of our hostel in Quito.

Ahh Quito, where you´re greeted with men bleeding from the streets, Mafia Azul gang tags and a Metal Festival titled Quitofest. As some of you may be aware, I had been extremely excited about going to this South American metal festival. It was kind of dissipointing, mostly because there was not alcohol being served which really prohibited our ability to Wile out. Afterward however we had a grand time on the top of our hostel where we drank farr farr farr to much old times whiskey and a little bottle of hell called Norteño (It´s like sambuca, only made from sugarcane).
This is the view from the park where the Metal Festival was,
that Church in the city is pretty large!

Then, There was Montañita.

Think Vegas only you gamble with your life, not money.

This little beach town has every possible vice imaginable crammed into a 1/2 mile square area. There are world class waves that could easily suck you out to sea, at least 4 bars on every block, and some very, very dirty looking women (Of course, I would never make a judment as to what their profession might or might not be). Oh yeah, theres also a rasta in a giant tam running around offering you cocaine if you want it, but I´ve herd he rips you off, so just say no.

There are no pictures from Montañita, if you´ve been there you know why.

We were going to stay there for a week, but after trying to sleep the first night we realized two days would be sufficient (Alex later pinpointed the exact time of the techno turning off around 6am).

And now, we are here, back in Guayaquil, ready for Peru. Apparently the border crossing can be pretty sketchy, so wish us luck.

Oh and if any of you were wondering if ive cut my hair yet, the awnser is: definitley not.

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